Not a Vet?

This website has been designed as a resource for vets, read below for more information. If you have any questions please speak to your own vet.

What is this website?

This website has been designed to help vets use the best, most relevant, up to date science when they make decisions about their patients. Similar websites have been developed for doctors and are used regularly to help choose the best treatment or tests for patients.

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What is a BET?

Most of the BETs are about a treatment or test for a particular disease in a particular species. Each BET has a clinical bottom line, but this is not a rule that must be followed for every patient. No animal or group of animals are the same and what is right for one individual may not be right for another.

Veterinary recommendation?

In some situations it may not be possible, or appropriate, to follow what the summary of evidence says e.g. if your pet is allergic to the medication, or if the treatment is unavailable. Your vet will take this into account when making a decision about your animal(s).