Using BETs

A BET tells you about the evidence on a specific clinical topic; it is not a rule that must always be followed.

Using a BET

Each clinician must decide if the BET is relevant to the situation they are in and apply the evidence appropriately. The individual circumstances of the patient(s) and local licensing regulations should be taken into account.

A BET is.....

A simple, unbiased review of current best evidence on a very specific clinical topic. They are designed to be a quick and achievable method of incorporating evidence into clinical practice.

A BET is not....

A fully comprehensive overview of all literature. We search 2 databases and do not attempt to incorporate unpublished work so we may miss some evidence. More extensive summaries can be performed e.g. systematic reviews – see the CEVM website for more details.

Who writes BETs?

All authors are trained in the principles of searching for and appraising evidence. Each BET has 2 authors and is verified by the CEVM.

BETs came from....

BestBETs were first developed by a group of doctors working in emergency medicine at Manchester Royal Infirmary (


The BETs on this website are a summary of the evidence found on a topic and are not clinical guidelines. It is the responsibility of the individual veterinary surgeon to ensure appropriate decisions are made based on the specific circumstances of patients under their care, taking into account other factors such as local licensing regulations. Read small print